KINDLE SUPPORT page for phones, user guides, software updates, etc. (Updated 3/17/16)

1-866-321-8851 (U.S.)
1-206-266-0927(outside U.S.)
0800 496 1081 (UK-only)

Contact-Amazon form:
   Call Me feature
   Contact Kindle Support page

FEEDBACK mail for development team
  to Kindle Team, for all Kindles:

Kindle Customer Support via E-mail:

Web: Support page
   for US/Int'l (non-UK)
  UK-Only Support page
  UK-Only Contact page

Kindle FAQ Formerly "Frequently Asked Questions" by Amazon now redirects to the Kindle Support page.
  All should take a look at these to see what's available, including "Kindle Problem Solver." as well as other pages and resources Kindlers can check out when wondering where and how something is done.

. Kindle USER Forum
. Kindle HELP Forum

. GENERAL Help info for all Kindle-compatible devices

Often asked: (Updated 7/2/14 and 3/17/16)
. Identify your Kindle model
      Seriously needs updating for newer models (sooner than later)
. User Guides
    for Kindle. Plus PDFs.
. Manage Your Content and Devices page
    A How-to for the page
. Manage synchronization
. Subscriptions: How? Where?
. Kindle Organization
. SOFTWARE Updates:  US,  UK
. Kindle for iPhone
. 3G/4G Amazon file-send w/ or w/o conversion
    to Kindle device - 15c or free

To see how and where to change your settings to avoid accruing 3G/4G charges when sending personal docs to your Kindle device, see these earlier posts:
  . How to send documents to your Kindle

  WORD docs
  . How to send WORD docs to your Kindle

The shortcut (link) to this page is:
  at A Kindle World

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